SAP – Create auto PO from SO

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Just perform testing on creating PO automatically when save the SO.

After the SO has been saved, a PR will be generated automatically, then a PO will be created.

You can find the PR data in the SO –> item level –> schedule line –> procurement

You can see the PO status in the PR –> item level –> status


search in the website and summarize the following configuration:

Choose third-party sales order type: NB

Item Category TAS in the Sales Order will create a Purchase Requisition with the Customer Delivery Address. You create a PO from the Purchase Req.

  T. Code: VOV6   Maintain Schedule Line Category (Type: “CS").  

Also, maintain Field-entries as:  
Order Type: NB
Item Category: 5
Account assignment cat: 1  

T. Code: VOV7  
Checking the Box: “Automatic PO Creation" in Item Category “TAS"


 1) The automatic PO indicator checkbox must be activated in the purchasing view of the material master.
2) The automatic purchase order indicator checkbox must be flagged in the vendor master
3) The vendor must be assigned to the ‘fixed vendor’ field of source list (me01)
4) Enterprise Structure –> Sales Organization – ensure that PO type, purchasing group etc. is maintained.
5) Transaction code SWETYPV – Ensure that both checkboxes are ticked for BO (object category), BUS2032 (object type), ALECREATEE/CHANGED and ERRORCHANGINGPURORD/ERRORCREATINGPURORD.
6) Optional: You could execute BD86 to check for consistencies   use BD86 to check which configure is not completed yet.

Testing Cases:

Case 1: No vendor in Sales Org No fixed vendor in SO ->Test the PR can take the source list or not

Result: Failed, no PO can generate automatically

Case 2: Has fixed vendor in Sales Org No fiexed vendor in SO

Result: Can create PO automatically, retreive vendor info from Sales org

Case 3: No fixed vendor in Sales Org Has fiexed vendor in SO

Result: Can create PO automatically, retreive vendor info from SO

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