authentication mode="Windows" 問題( iis setting)

8 五月, 2009 at 10:23 上午 發表留言

我成日都遇到呢個問題, 係當我copy 一個folder 係個virtual directory, 想run 個site 時就會出現咁既問題~~~:

佢話係iis 既setting 未set 好


Line 44:             ASP.NET to identify an incoming user.
Line 45:         –>
Line 46:   <authentication mode="Windows"/>
Line 47:   <!–
Line 48:             The <customErrors> section enables configuration



係iis度呢個folder, create 番個application 就ok ga la~~



copy from forum:

1. When you create an new web application using visual, it automatically creates the virtual directory and configures it as an application. However, if you manually create the virtual directory and it is not configured as an application, then you will not be able to browse the application and may get the above error. The debug information you get as mentioned above, is applicable to this scenario.

To resolve it, Right Click on the virtual directory – select properties and then click on
“Create" next to the “Application" Label and the textbox. It will automatically create the “application" using the virtual directory’s name. Now the application can be accessed.

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